ABOUT COMPANY:The story of Shinsegae for you begins anew each day.

From Shinsegae and E-mart, the first department store and discount store of Korea, to premium outlets…
Over the past 80 years, Shinsegae has been leading the affluent living culture of Korea by ceaselessly striving to advance in the distribution industry.
The path Shinsegae has been pursuing is indeed the history and traditional of distribution indistry in Korea. Now, Shinsegae is creating a happy world through continuous value creation for customers and new attempts that take the world by surprise.
Shinsegae is endeavoring to achieve harmonious coexistence with all stakeholders by realizing transparent and fair management while cooperating with and competing against others in the global stage.
Based on respect and consideration for people, understanding of customers and corporate social responsibility, Shinsegae is making a new world where dreams of the future come to reality.
The story of Shinsegae for you begins anew each day.

The first department store in Korea: The first record of creating new values

In 1930, Shinsegae, the first department store of Korea, brought light to the history of distribution industry in Korea.
With a dream toward the new world and passion for customers, the Main Store has been the symbol and confidence of Shinsegae pursuing to create a better world. Since then, Shinsegae has been continuously creating values in our everyday life as a leader to modernize the distribution industry of Korea. Throught these efforts, Shinsegae is continuouly developing the new world of distribution.

The largest department store in the world: The largest record created with passion toward the best

To the title, ‘the first in the distribution industry’, Shinsegae, with the passion to continuously create values for customers, has added another name, ‘the world’s largest’. Centum City opened in 2009 as a new concept shopping complex in Busan was listed as the ‘world’s largest department store’ in the Guinness Book of Records.
With the pride of being the world’s best, Shinsegae is evolving anew each day in order to be the most loved department store.

Korea’s No. 1 discount store ? E-mart advancing into the world

Having started a new history in the shopping culture by opening E-mart, the first discount store of Korea, in 1993, Shinsegae has been rewriting the history of distribution industry in Korea through ceaseless challenges and new attempts.
Focusing all effort to E-mart , Shinsegae corporation has secured its position as the leading distribution company in Korea.
By taking over Walmart Korea and entering the Chinese market, Shinsegae is competing shoulder to shoulder against the world’s leading companies. Furthermore, based on the core competencies in the distribution industry, Shinsegae is advancing into the global stage.