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Recommended Attractions

  • Gwandeokjeong Pavilion

    Treasure No. 322 located in the middle of Jeju City

  • Yongyeondari Bridge

    A bridge offering beautiful night views ideal for a leisurely walk

  • Jeju Mokgwanaji

    A bridge offering beautiful night views ideal for a leisurely walk

  • Yongduam Rock

    The most famous rock in Jeju Island that resembles the shape of a dragon’s head

  • Mt. Halla

    The highest mountain in South Korea that stands tall in the center of Jeju Island

Yongsan store




1259 Samdo 2-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju

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Business Hour

Closed on the New Year’s Day and Chuseok


E-mart Jeju is only a 2-minute walk from the major tourist hotels of Jeju, such as Ramada Plaza, Oriental Hotel and Ocean Suites. In addition, E-mart Jeju is only 3.5km from Jeju International Airport and 1.4km from the International Passenger Terminal of Jeju Port. Located a short distance from the major gateways to Jeju-do, E-mart Jeju is the most convenient shopping space for foreign tourists.
In addition to a variety of food items ranging from Jeju Gamgyul (a special citrus fruit of Jeju) to Gamgyul chocolate, Kimchi and dried laver, E-mart Jeju also offers reliable and high-quality household appliances and living items ideal as travel gifts at the lowest prices.
E-mart Jeju offers currency exchange services. Tourists can conveniently exchange Dollars, Yen and Yuan currencies during store hours (10:00~23:00). In addition, E-mart Jeju offers a VAT refund on products purchased by foreign tourists.
E-mart Jeju is within walking distance to Route 17 of the Ole’ Course the only walking path that passes through downtown Jeju among all the routes of the Ole’ Course, which is a popular walking tour of Jeju-do. After enjoying comfortable shopping, you can stroll along the route to experience and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Jeju-do.

  • For purchases of KRW 30,000 or more you can have the VAT tax refunded which typically amounts to 7%-8% (some fresh food items excluded).
  • Foreign language label attached
  • English/ Japanese/ Chinese interpretation services available


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