Shopping Guide

Tax Refund Info

3 easy steps to get a tax refund

Please get a tax refund according to the below steps

Step 1 Please ask the Global Refund check in case of purchase over 30,000KRW at our affiliated stores.

Step 2 Please get a customs stamp from customs officer when you depart showing 『passport』 『purchased item』『Global Refund check』 As for purchased item, it should be taken out of Korea within 3 months from purchase date.

Step 3 There are various refund ways according to depart areas Incheon Int’l Airport: You can get a refund at refund counter near to Gate 28.

  • Please get a customs stamp to get a refund. You can’t get a refund without customs stamp.
  • For Check-in items (non-hand carry items), get a customs stamp and then send your luggage.
  • Tel : +82-2-776-2170